We have survived one year of extensive online learning, and one thing is certain: children need to stay engaged now more than ever. Online learning and increased tech literacy has created an opportunity to learn a language we always wanted to learn. Many children want to learn about their heritage, while others are curious about the Arabic language and the Arab world. As humans, both adults and children, we all want to stay connected to our roots. Children want to be able to speak to their grandparents back home in their native language. Parents of Arab descent want their children to learn about their culture.


The global demand for Arabic speakers has soared in the past decade and it only continues to grow. Arabic language speakers are in high demand and speaking the language is an invaluable skill that can create many opportunities. ArabEasy, a new application developed by Little Thinking Minds, accomplishes just that.


Little Thinking Minds is a leading education and technology company established in 2004 and based in the UAE with many award winning apps to learn the Arabic language. The community has over 120,000 children globally who are benefitting from their learning applications. Their mission is to enhance children’s skills and learning outcomes and increase their connectedness to the Arabic identity. This is accomplished through apps and education resources developed by leading Arabic language experts and educators.  The Arabic language is considered a difficult language to learn, but ArabEasy app is a scientifically developed platform that provides effective results using the right tools.


Unlike other Arabic language learning applications, ArabEasy has a focused purpose: get the children to understand and speak the Arabic language in no time. The application focuses on modern standard Arabic keywords and phrases. The simple and easy setup of the application appeals to children of all ages. The ArabEasy team of educators and linguistic experts created an application to ensure ease in learning and support for the parents. The topics and keywords learned through the app are relevant to our everyday lives and resonate with the children.


The ArabEasy app provides an array of exclusive resources and content and multi-media solutions such as the following and more:


  • A library of Award winning children’s Arabic books, leveled by the framework of American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
  • An exclusive video library covering various steam topics
  • Many fun practice quizzes and exercises to perfect the language basics
  • Dedicated Phonics section
  • Flashcards with hundreds of new vocabulary
  • Dedicated units to cover key grammar concepts



To join ArabEasy and learn Arabic today, download the app and enjoy the following features:


  • Create your account
  • Choose a flexible payment plan
  • Add up to three children to benefit from the program
  • Participate in a simple placement test to determine your child’s suitable level and the right content for him/her
  • Enjoy the tutorial with your children and learn all about the app and its features
  • Experience the ease of the parent dashboard that allows you to track your child’s progress.
  • Around the clock support from our team to answer all your questions swiftly and offer any help needed.


During this pandemic while staying home, learning a language can have a major impact on feeling connected and focused. It improving children’s’ cognitive abilities and helps them use their screen time cleverly. Regardless of the reason behind teaching your children the Arabic language, be it cultural or religious, ArabEasy is the application you have been looking for.

Arab Easy app is available on both Google Play and App Store

For more info please visit: https://arabeasy.app

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