One of the best ways to help children continue learning and reading throughout their summer vacation is to find learning tools that are stimulating and enjoyable and most importantly ones that do not feel like school work. Children do not want to do any more school work during the summer and parents struggle to find ways to prevent learning loss during those few months. This is especially true in for foreign languages. Most parents try to use the free time in the summer to teach their kids a new language or enroll them in programs to strengthen their foundation and keep the language fresh in their brain.

With a generation that values their gadgets more than anything and has endured a year of online classes, learning a language online is becoming the most popular method. Apps offer parents and kids the flexibility to learn on the go at their own pace and on their own schedule. 30 or 60 minutes a day will not hinder any summer plans and can be completed during a car ride or a relaxing day at the beach. Learning doesn’t have to stop during summer.  Every activity is full of opportunities to practice a new language and exercise communication skills by integrating what is learnt on the app in real life situations. When kids learn how to say “hello” in Arabic they will enjoy sharing it with people and pointing out the names of things they see in Arabic. Using the app will trigger their interest in the language and their ability to use it in their daily lives, especially in the summer when kids have more free time to explore and visit new places.

To prevent language learning loss during the summer, kids needs a fun and gamified app that delivers real results. ArabEasy app accomplishes just that. It is a user-friendly simple app that kids love to use wherever they go. The app offers hundreds of audio e-books and games and features to get kids speaking Arabic in no time. The stories are diverse and interactive and appeal to the different interests of any child. Most importantly, the app focuses on modern standard Arabic keywords and phrases which make it easier to converse and apply the language with friends and family. The topics and keywords learned through the app are relevant to our everyday lives and resonate with children of all ages. Here is a closer look at the app’s features and tools:

  • A library of Award winning children’s Arabic books, leveled by the framework of American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
  • An exclusive video library covering various steam topics
  • Many fun practice quizzes and exercises to perfect the language basics
  • Dedicated Phonics section
  • Flashcards with hundreds of new vocabulary
  • Dedicated units to cover key grammar concepts

Learning Arabic online for the first time or continuing a learning journey during the summer can be actually exciting for children if it is accompanied with activities that can enhance their journey. Activities like listening to Arabic songs and watching movies and videos in Arabic can help children relate to the language. Parents can offer further encouragement by asking questions about the names of colors and shapes and simple things around the house or in nature around them.  Start the process as soon as possible and don’t give up, even if it looks like a challenge. The journey begins with downloading the app the introducing it to your child in a relaxed manner. ArabEasy app provides you with all the resources you need and works with every child at every level. You will notice a difference in your child with every passing week as their Arabic vocabulary grows and their pronunciation improves.

Follow these easy steps and join ArabEasy and learn Arabic online today; your kid will be speaking the language in no time:

  1. Create your account and the app will place your child according to their appropriate level using a simple test.
  2. The app provides tutorials and full support from dedicated team members

Additionally, our linguistic experts have compiled a list of “Summer Reading Books” available on ArabEasy app that are relevant to summer vacations and traveling and exploring. These books will help get the kids immersed in the language and will help spark their interest in learning Arabic through stories.

Arab Easy app is available on both Google Play and App Store

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