The benefits of learning a second language for any child are boundless. There is strength and confidence that comes with a child that can converse in multiple languages. The door to making new friends and forming relationships with others becomes wider. The logistical and employment opportunities become broader. Furthermore, the emotional development is increased and compassionate connections are heightened. This is the power of language and the ability to use it throughout life.

Why Arabic?

Learning the Arabic language is a prime example of the multiple advantages a child can experience. Arabic is a language with a rich and complex history. In fact, over the last decade, the Arabic language has become on top of the lists of key languages to learn. Arabic is ranked 5th as the most spoken language in the world with over 450 million natives. It is one of the 6 official working languages of the United Nations. As a result, the global demand for Arabic speakers only continues to grow. Speaking the language is an invaluable skill that can create many career opportunities. Nowadays, parents are investing in teaching their children Arabic to open doors to an emergent and slightly untapped market.

Myth vs. Fact

There are many myths surrounding the Arabic language and the ability to learn it. It is usually found on top of the lists of the hardest language to learn. This is due to many misconceptions about the culture and the language in the media. People who speak the language or those learning it at the moment will tell you otherwise. Learning Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or Fusha is an easy way to understand the language and be able to speak it.

There are various reasons why people are eager to learn the Arabic language and teach their children. Some people want to attain connectedness to their roots. Others want to explore and get into a whole new world of career and future opportunities. Equally important is the fact that Arabic is a highly emotive and poetic language. It is a language of faith and deep passion that draws people in. It allows the speaker to convey and feel emotions which develops cognitive thinking and social skills especially with children. Furthermore, Arabic helps advance all communication skills that a child uses as their brain works to shift between two languages. Bilingual children are generally more capable of communicating with others, and Arabic helps highlight that with its rich vocabulary.

New Methods of Learning

Learning Arabic has never been easier today with all the online applications available to eager learners of all ages. The time to learn it Arabic is now. Thus, it is time to put aside all myths and false claims and experience learning Arabic today and reap all the benefits that come with it. Learning Modern Standard Arabic or Fusha will enable you to communicate using the most widespread version of the Arabic Language in no time. ArabEasy, the new application from Little Thinking Minds, helps you and your children achieve that in no time. It is a scientifically developed platform that provides effective results using the right tools.

Why ArabEasy?

With a distinctive setup from other Arabic language learning applications, ArabEasy has a focused purpose: get the children to understand and speak the Arabic language in no time. In fact, the simple and easy setup of the application appeals to children of all ages. It also ensures ease in learning and continuous support for the parents. The topics and keywords learned through the app are relevant to our everyday lives and resonate with the children. The app provides an array of exclusive resources and content and multi-media solutions including the following and more:

  • A library of Award winning children’s Arabic books, leveled by the framework of American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
  • An exclusive video library covering various steam topics
  • Many fun practice quizzes and exercises to perfect the language basics
  • Dedicated Phonics section
  • Flashcards with hundreds of new vocabulary
  • Dedicated units to cover key grammar concepts


We are witnessing an evident need for more Arabic speakers as the world accelerates its political and economic engagements in the Middle East. Speaking the language provides your child with an invaluable advantage in the professional world. Lastly, learning Arabic and being able to converse with others provides an understanding of the culture and a unique opportunity to form positive relationships with diverse cultures.

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