Ever since my daughter Dina was born, I wanted her to be multilingual. We all speak Arabic and English at home and I was hoping she would learn another language or two. Fast forward four years and she was already entering Kindergarten when we realized that she does not speak Arabic. Growing up in a household where the mother tongue is Arabic and not passing it on to my child was truly heartbreaking. The common issue today with our generation is that Arabic is our mother tongue but English is the dominant language. I was so angry at myself and my husband and my entire family for that matter. HOW DID WE FORGET TO SPEAK IN ARABIC! To that end, we tried a few words here and there but it didn’t really work. I needed immediate support and I turned to the one thing I knew would grab her attention: Gadgets. It is the reality of our times, and we must use it to our advantage.

We are living in a new era of technology and learning online. Educators have shifted their methods to accommodate this change and ensure that children continue to receive the education they need. This major shift was eased by the fact that today’s learners are already heavily adept with their gadgets and touchscreens. Furthermore, digital platforms are taking on a more significant role in education and will continue to do so in the future. The idea of learning a new letters and words can seem daunting and boring to children, but with the right app and a gamified experience, it can make quite a positive impact.

Learn Arabic Online

Learning and loving a new and challenging language that is not dominant on a daily basis is quite a challenge that I share with most of the mothers in our community. However, I was determined. I spent several nights researching and signed up for many trials for different Arabic language learning apps until I found the right one. For me the “right one” was simple, easy to navigate, and most importantly fun for Dina. We both loved ArabEasy, the new application by language pioneers Little Thinking Minds. The idea behind the app is to get the kids to speak Arabic in no time. It focuses on modern standard Arabic keywords and phrases. The topics and keywords learned through the app are relevant to our everyday lives and resonated with my kid and the simple and easy interface appeals to children of all ages. Moreover, the app offers hundreds of audio e-books and games and features to get them speaking in no time. The Arabic stories are diverse enough to appeal to the interests of any child.

ArabEasy, Fun & Breezy

The most crucial step in learning a language online is getting the child interested, engaged, and eventually comfortable and excited to go through the journey. One of the main benefits of online learning is that kids are already comfortable and excited to use their gadgets. Consequently, ArabEasy completes the necessary steps by offering these innovative multi-media solutions that worked instantly with my kid:

  • A library of Award winning children’s Arabic books, leveled by the framework of American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
  • An exclusive video library covering various steam topics
  • Many fun practice quizzes and exercises to perfect the language basics
  • Dedicated Phonics section
  • Flashcards with hundreds of new vocabulary
  • Dedicated units to cover key grammar concepts

From my recent experience, I can offer parents one crucial tip: Focus on the stories. Arabic stories are beautiful and engaging and kids love them. They are an excellent way for children to develop their vocabulary and their listening and reading skills. Younger children enjoy repeating the new words their learnt and using them in real life situations while older kids can complete the practice quizzes to check their comprehension level

Learning a new language develops cognitive skills and a natural curiosity about world cultures. It improves social skills and offers children exposure and confidence. Additionally, learning a language online, especially at an early age, is the first step towards a brighter and well-rounded future. Download ArabEasy and experience the exceptional innovation in Arabic language learning today.

Arab Easy app is available on both Google Play and App Store

For more info please visit: https://arabeasy.app

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