What is ArabEasy? 

ArabEasy is a leading digital leveled learning application that aims to advance the quality of Arabic language fluency and literacy. 


What does ArabEasy provide?

It provides a library of hundreds of Arabic digital books as well as videos, flashcards, quizzes and games to make learning the Arabic language easy and fun. 


What are the age groups suitable for ArabEasy? 

ArabEasy is designed for children of all ages, especially within the Age group: 6-14 years old (plus/minus 2 years depending on proficiency level). 


ArabEasy App Subscription 

Can the mobile app be used by both parents and children?

The ArabEasy Arabic language mobile app is available for both children and parents with individual dashboards. Children can learn the Arabic language on the app while parents can manage their accounts and track their progress. 


How do I download the mobile application?

The ArabEasy application is available on the app stores for both Android and iOS devices. 


Is it a free application?

Yes, the application is free to download and offers a three-day free trial, if you are asked to enter your payment card information by your app store, select the option ‘none’ and complete the process of downloading the application.


How do I get a username and password?

You need to create an account by selecting ‘FREE TRIAL’ and including your correct email information to receive a username and password by email. You can also set up a paid account by selecting the button ‘SUBSCRIBE NOW’. 


Can I subscribe to more than one child? 

Yes, you can subscribe upto 3 child accounts on the ArabEasy app. You can select ‘Add child’ on the parent dashboard to create accounts for multiple children. Your subscription shall be valid for the duration of your subscription choice from the date you receive the username and password. 


How can my child log into their account as a student? 

Your child can download the ArabEasy app on their device and enter the username and password you were provided in the email to log in to the app. 



What type of content does my child have access to on the app? 

Your child has access to a wide variety of content presented in bitesize lessons as Units of inquiry that contain hundreds of e-books with listening and voice recording features, Flashcards to build vocabulary, engaging exclusive videos, and fun quizzes and games that help them learn the Arabic language with ease. 


What are the tasks?

Tasks are the stages for students to complete a unit.  When a task is completed, a green checkmark appears beside it. 


How is my child’s level determined? 

The ArabEasy app offers a placement test that your child can take to determine their level of learning, based on the framework of the American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Depending on how your child performs in the test they are placed on either the beginner, intermediate or advanced level of learning as a results of their previous skillset. 


How can my child move from one level to the next?

To move from one level to the next, the student must finish all the tasks of the Unit within the level assigned to them. 


How can I track the progress of my child?  

You can monitor your child’s progress by logging into your account from the app and selecting the child’s profile to view their complete performance report.


Does my child have access to content other than the level of placement? 

With a premium account, your child can access all the content available on the app via the ‘Open Library’ 


How to record my child’s voice or hear it?

The recording feature is available only for the “Reading” task and it requires your device microphone to be working so please make sure it’s not on Mute.   

Please follow the steps below: 

1- Click on “Read”.

2- Click on the “Microphone” button on the top of the book.  

3- You will receive a notification to “Allow” or “Block” the recording. Please click” Allow”.

4- The microphone button will start to blink indicating that the recording is running.

5- Now you can read and record your voice, and when you finish recording click on the stop icon.

6- Click on the “Save” button at the top (next to the microphone button). 

If you are not happy with the recording, press delete  “Trash Icon” and start again. If you press “Save”, you will receive a notification confirming that the recording has been saved. 


What happens when my child completes a specified level?

The program is designed to present your child with content from the next subsequent level automatically. 


How do I change my password or my child’s name?

You can change the password for your child by selecting your child’s account and click on the Edit to modify the required information and click on Save.


How can I contact ArabEasy? 

Get in touch with us via email at [email protected] and our support team will be more than happy to assist you promptly. You can also DM us on Instagram or Facebook 


Is the app child safe?

The ArabEasy app is developed by Little thinking Minds ltd. with extreme caution and strict security policies to ensure your child’s safety and privacy online. You can read our Privacy policy here to know more. 



If you are facing any technical issues, please send an email to [email protected] and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.