New Year’s Resolution 2021: Get your kids to learn Arabic…online!

It’s a brand new year, and our hopes are high for this one! Many goals were set aside due to the pandemic, but it’s never too late to get back up and get started. Your desire to see your children learning Arabic is one click away! The new ArabEasy application can get them to speak in Arabic with their family back home in no time. Getting in touch with our culture and roots can be achieved when we learn to communicate in our mother tongue.

The Arabic Language is versatile and opens many doors for the future of your children, making it one of the most important languages to learn this year. Download ArabEasy today and get your kids to learn Arabic words and grammar as the New Year begins. The app offers a simple and direct way to teach the Arabic alphabet and reading and grammar in a way that appeals to children. It keeps them engaged and fulfilled with levels and games and earning points.

Let’s welcome 2021 with a positive and realistic change with ArabEasy:  the app that has a clear process by setting milestones throughout the year.

Download the app by January and keep your children on track with their resolution to learn Arabic. The following timeline is expected for your children when they use the ArabEasy app:

  • January: download the app and use the free trial.
  • March: your children should be well acquainted with the Arabic alphabet and the variations depending on where the letters are in the word.
  • June: your children should be able to comfortably read 3-4 letter words.
  • September: your children should be able to finish reading three Arabic books.
  • December: your children should have earned 500 points (or unlocked 3 games).

As a parent, it’s never easy to convince your children to learn something new especially a new language. Kids translate this in their head as “extra school work”. ArabEasy app helps the parent with that task by offering an engaging and appealing platform that children are enjoying and committing to.

The app is scientifically developed and tested to motivate and encourage children and provides effective results using the right tools and resources. The clear, direct, and most importantly modern approach provides the children with a sense of accomplishment. It pushes them further as they begin earn points and move up levels, just like a game. Their confidence will grow with every new Arabic word they learn and can share with their parents. Language and cultural identity are deeply intertwined and ArabEasy app offers a guaranteed method to strengthening those ties.

The children’s Arabic books that are available through the app library are wide-ranging to appeal to their different interests and levels. Stem topics are taught through engaging videos and every child can excel in the topics that they enjoy the most through entertaining quizzes and exercises. The resources cover grammar and vocabulary and phonics, all the basics needed to learn any language.

Follow these easy steps and join ArabEasy and learn Arabic online today:

  1. Create your account and the app will place your child according to their appropriate level using a simple test.
  2. The app provides tutorials and full support from dedicated team members
  3. Gain access to a dashboard to track your child’s progress.

You will notice a difference in your child with every passing week as their Arabic vocabulary grows and their pronunciation improves.

Learning a new language is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time, especially for children. Common questions like “where do I begin” and “how can I learn all this new material” can discourage them, which is why ArabEasy app is the perfect way to answer these questions this New Year. January is fast approaching and children respond well to timelines and routines, so download the app for them today and make it a new part of their daily life.

A few extra tips:

  1. Set small goals
  2. Encourage them to practice everything they learn by speaking to their family back home
  3. Get them immersed in the culture through movies and songs to help with the correct pronunciation.

Whether you speak the language or not, the app can help you understand simple words and sentences if you choose to learn with your children. Our team will help answer any questions you have and will provide you and your children with all the necessary support to make this journey a smooth and fulfilling one.

Arab Easy app is available on both Google Play and App Store

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